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Sarah Jessica Parker was at the Union Square Nordstrom’s on Wednesday to promote her new shoe line and was photographed with spider veins. In the article Dr. Suzanne Levine shares with Daily News readers who is to blame for the condition of her feet and tips for other hard working, professional, stiletto high heel loving women who can relate to our beloved Sex In The City star.

‘Sex and the City’ star shows off her bulging spider veins at Union Square Nordstrom’s

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Manolo-no! What happened to Sarah Jessica Parker’s feet? The stylish “Sex and the City” star stepped out in Union Square in strappy green heels on Wednesday — but the bulging spider veins stole the show.

Blame her footwear, not her feet, said Park Ave. podiatrist Suzanne Levine.

“In high heels, your foot is in one position, and you’re stuck walking in a heel-toe gait,” said Levine, whose new book, “My Feet Are Killing Me,” hits shelves next week. “So you’re mainly using muscle groups in the front of the leg, and it causes the feet to swell and the veins to become more prominent.”

Aging and having children also attack tootsies over time, as the 48-year-old mother of three appears to know all too well.

“And gravity takes its toll,” added Levine.

The good doctor recommended wrapping the tootsies in frozen Ace bandages — to reduce swelling — before dabbing on some concealer to hide the unsightly blue lines.

Oh, and there’s one more thing: “She should be seeing me for laser treatments,” Levine quipped.


Originally printed and posted in the Daily News on February 26th, 2014 by Nicole Lyn Pesce.

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