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As a podiatrist who also happens to be a shoe fetishist – or is it the other way around? – I’m always on the lookout for gorgeous shoes that will also fit “problem feet.”

Michael Kors has really hit the jackpot with some of the selections from his Fall 2010 line.  Many of the pumps feature a high cut, which is a distinctive, beautiful look that conveys a classic elegance.   More importantly from a podiatric standpoint, a high-cut shoe is a great choice for a wider foot, especially a wider forefoot.  A high-cut shoe also gives more allowance for bunions and hammertoes – giving you more of that all-important “wiggle room.”  And although some of the narrow toes in this collection aren’t as utilitarian as rounded or square toes, I still found them to be roomy enough to allow for corns.

Cutout Pump

Check out Kors’ stunning Cutout Pump, with its straps that both hug and reveal the foot – could there be anything sexier?  But it’s your feet that will thank you as much as your inner fashionista – because the high cut of this shoe will let you waltz without wincing.

Lug-Sole Pump

Also take a look at the Lug-Sole Pump, which is available in either black or a beautiful brown-and-black mélange pattern.  This knockout design features eye-grabbing details like a lugged rubber sole that not only equips you for navigations through the urban jungle, but combined with the padded leather insole creates an entire foot-cushioning platform that eases the strain on your over-stressed metatarsals.

Over The Knee Boot

Another must-see is the Over-the-Knee boot, which is so stylish and comfortable you may find yourself formulating entire wardrobes around it.  The low wedge heel provides superior comfort and stability while still providing enough attitude to match your fiercest city style.

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I’m so pleased to see Kors’ current collection considering not only what looks good, but what feels good – allowing even finicky feet to flaunt top-notch fashion.

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