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Sex and the City 2 premiered last weekend and despite some tepid reviews from the critics about the thin plotline as usual – it was all about the fashion.  Although NYC has been called the 5th character in the ensemble cast – the City played a minor role this time around since the fab fashion 4 spent much of the movie in Abu Dhabi (which was actually Morocco).    Aside from the money shot of Carrie’s glittery gold Christian Louboutins – as well as some funky black-and-blue caged heels – one of the most memorable scenes was shoe shopping at the Souk where fashionable footwear sold at rock-bottom prices.

Although I have been wearing stilettos for most of my life – I wouldn’t necessarily advocate wearing them to ride a camel in the desert or pack them for a vacation in Abu Dhabi.

However – here are my recommendations on the essential shoes to pack for any vacation:

1.        Ballet slippers – a top choice for chic daytime wear; they come in many varieties and whether they are Chanel or Sketchers.  Since they don’t have much support, you can purchase Pillows For Your Feet for Flats foot pads or get fitted for insoles before.

2.        Platform foam or higher plastic soft sandals – they are fashionable, dry off easily and take 10 pounds off the way you look in a swimsuit.  Colors should be neutral and/or black and shades that match the skin tone elongate the leg, giving a leaner illusion.

3.        Walking Shoes – Cole Haan has a line containing comfy soles made by Nike, and JP Tods moccasins are chic and cushy.  Sandals from the Flip Flopp line work well for grassy or beach locales.  And don’t forget appropriate soft socks.

4.        Exercise Wear – Depending on your sport of choice, you can either pack a running shoe or cross trainer.  The Sketchers line carries a variety of double duty styles appropriate for the treadmill and elliptical and can also be used as a choice for chic daytime wear (see #1, above).  For activities requiring true ankle support, lightweight hiking boots might be appropriate (provided you also pack antibiotic and bandages to be proactive about soothing blisters).

5.        Evening Heels – In this era of towering shoes – from stilettos to platforms – higher is not necessarily better.  Ideally a heel should be 2 to 2.5 inches high to allow for dancing; again, best color choices are neutral or black.  If you have room for a second pair, you can go to nosebleed level but to keep your balance, platforms are a better choice – and your feet and lower back will thank you later.

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