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This is the first installment in our “Shoe of the Month” series, wherein Dr. Levine spots with her podiatrist’s eye her new favorite pair of shoes and tells you exactly why she loves them. Check back often for updates, tips and more!


I recently went out and bought a pair of shoes and I’m very excited to share them with you all. They are called the Lana Platform by Michael Kors, and they are to die for! This shoe is what I call an “ode to summer” for the professional woman. Its classic leather remains faithful to office decorum while the gold straps and detailing and the flirty open toe give reason to be excited about the warm weather. It’s great for showing off a cute pedicure and camouflaging calluses or other foot ailments in the process.

The Lana Platform isn’t just a great looking shoe; it’s also very comfortable. The five-inch heel is mitigated by the two inch platform, so that it gives the illusion of great height without causing the stress on your feet that stiletto heels do. This nifty trick makes the shoe particularly accommodating of working women. You can wear these shoes for 4-6 hours at a time. They’re great to walk in, too. I wore them all over my practice and didn’t have to change all day! And—this part is my favorite—the shoe fits wide feet!

The Lana Platform retails for about $150 bucks, but I was fortunate enough to catch them on sale for less than half that. Be sure to check out your nearest Michael Kors retailer for these and other amazing shoes!

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