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How to hide bunions, veins and more, sans surgery

Suzanne M Levine, M.D.

Photograph: istockphoto

Sexy, strappy heels lose their allure if they’re wrapped around feet blemished by age spots and spider veins. But it needn’t be that way. Using a touch of makeup (yes the same stuff you use on your face) can take years off—instantly! Just start by moisturizing your feet; the oils in the lotion enable makeup to go on evenly—and help it endure. Then follow these instructions from celebrity podiatrist Suzanne Levine, M.D. (For more tips from Dr. Levine, visit her blog at

Cover Bunions/Corns To minimize redness on irritated bunions and corns, look for a concealer that has a greenish tint to it (green neutralizes red). Dr Levine’s favorite: Colorscience Corrector Brush SPF 20. Just sweep it over the bunion or corn using smooth, even strokes, and add extra coverage to areas that are reddest. Blend in well.

Hide Age Spots and Spider VeinsAge spots are areas of hyper-pigmentation caused by too much exposure to the sun. Spider veins are small groups of tangled blood vessels just below the surface of the skin. The blue & purple clusters of veins are often clearly visible. A concealer with a yellow tint is best for covering both. Try Colorescience Suncanny Foundation.

Slim Down Cankles 
Cankles are a nickname given to fatty ankles that, lacking the tapered look around the joint of the ankle, look as though the calf and foot have fused together. To give your ankles more definition, apply Colorescience Wild To Mild Bronzer around just the base of your ankle. The dark color will create a shadow that gives the appearance of a slimmer ankle.

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