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More women have been experiencing a condition referred to as “stiletto metatarsalgia”. “The Loub Job®” Injection is a new, cutting edge treatment created by Dr. Suzanne Levine to alleviate the symptoms of this condition upon request.

Women are now taking radical steps to resolve the ongoing pain that comes from wearing their favorite pair of high-end heels! With celebrities driving the sales for fashionable dream shoes, it is no wonder women, are finally seeking help with the latest injectables. Fillers are no longer just for your face!

Loub Job Injection Candidates

It is for patients who have painful arthritis in the first joint of the big toe and can’t move it up and down. To help increase flexibility and reduce the pain, Dr. Levine injects hyaluronic acid into the joint to help lubricate it. This is done with fluoroscopic guidance.

Loub Job Injection Effects

The hyaluronic acid, which is a natural occurring material in the body and in the joint (often deficient in arthritis), lasts up to a year at which point you need to get another injection. Although this treatment needs to be repeated, it can help you avoid surgery or at least put it off until you’re ready for it.

Dubbed “Loub job™” by Dr. Levine, this advanced treatment re-lubricates your joints. Women who receive the treatment can wear sky-high heels for hours longer. The pain-reducing effects can last up to six months. This trend in podiatry is taking over as a lead request among the professional, notable, fashionistas of the world.

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