A Case of Cold Feet

Now that we are approaching Winter with our first Nor'easter behind us, keeping warm in the chilly weather is a number one priority. So we pull out our boots, our fuzzy socks, coats, gloves, and scarves to bundle up every time we step out. However, it is likely that you are still familiar with the expression, "having cold feet." In this case, not in reference to a case of the nervous jitters before a big decision, but to actually having cold feet. Besides the dropping temperatures outside, there are a multitude of underlying causes that may be afoot when an extra pair of socks just isn't enough.

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They May Not Be Able to Sniffle, Sneeze, or Wheeze….

They may not be able to sniffle, sneeze, or wheeze, but your feet, just like any other part of your body, can be affected by allergies.

What causes foot allergies?

Some causes of foot allergies include sweating, hot humid weather, stress, dry skin and allergies to foods such as eggs, milk, fish, soy, and wheat. Some allergies can be genetic. New pairs of shoes, stockings, or socks can also cause a foot allergy.

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Mighty Achilles & Your Feet

“Mighty Achilles, demigod, slayer of Hector...Can Cause Havoc to your FEET"

 I often see dancers and regular runners as well as novice marathoners and others who try to push themselves too far too fast. Dancers almost always rupture their Achilles tendons just above the site where the muscle attaches to the tendon just below the calf. Among those more prone to this injury are women who wear high heels all the time and suddenly switch to flat shoes.

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