The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. 

– Lao Tzu –

How Can You Prevent a Blister From Forming?

Blisters may be characterized as fluid-filled sacs that form due to friction between the foot and tightly worn socks or shoes. Some blisters may also form due to a burn or injury. To help prevent a blister from developing, it is recommended that your footwear is neither too big nor too small, as that may […]

Possible Symptoms of Poor Circulation

The medical condition that is known as poor circulation has noticeable symptoms that are often present in the feet. Common symptoms may include experiencing coldness of the affected area, a tingling sensation, and the feet may appear to be swollen or bruised. Patients who lead a sedentary lifestyle may be susceptible to poor circulation. Additionally, […]

Warming up Before and After Running

People who enjoy the sport of running are most likely familiar with the importance of properly warming up before and after each run. The ankles may become more stable when leg swings are practiced frequently, followed by performing hip circles. Research has indicated that running injuries may be prevented when you focus on a specific […]

It’s Time for Beautiful Feet.

Want to wear open toe shoes again? …Special occasion? Vacation? …You don't need an excuse to have beautiful nails.

Sever’s Disease Typically Affects Teenagers

The condition that is known as Sever’s disease is considered to be an inflammation of the growth plate that is located in the back of the heel. It typically occurs in teenagers who are physically active, and may be the result of growth spurts. This can happen when the bones in the foot grow faster […]

Possible Foot Conditions Affecting Diabetic Patients

Research has indicated that there are two ailments that may develop as a result of being diabetic.These conditions are known as peripheral artery disease (PAD), and peripheral neuropathy. Both of these can accelerate the risk of foot problems in diabetic patients as a result of potential nerve damage. Additional foot problems that can happen from […]

Swollen Feet During Pregnancy

It is common knowledge that pregnant women have swollen feet. This typically occurs in the second trimester, and can be a result of hormonal changes, the growing fetus, and lifestyle habits. Research has indicated mild relief may be found when the feet are elevated as frequently as possible, and eating foods that have limited sodium. […]

How to Pick the Correct Shoe Size

Many foot related conditions arise due to use of improper footwear. Wearing shoes that don’t fit your feet properly can lead to the development of bunions and hammertoes, as well cause poor circulation. In order to prevent these conditions, it’s suggested you take certain measures when shopping for your footwear. To begin, it is helpful […]

How High Heels May Lead to Morton’s Neuroma

Morton’s neuroma is a foot condition that involves the feet developing the sensation of numbness, or a lack of feeling. Those who frequently wear high heels run the risk of pushing the toe bones against the nerve, increasing their chances of developing Morton’s neuroma. Because high heels are often tightly fitted, the circulation of blood […]

For Every Time You Think, “My Feet Are Killing Me.”

Let’s start with an important fact: It’s not normal for your feet to be killing you. The average American walks an estimated 75,000 miles by the time he or she is 50 years old. If you are a 130-lb woman, each stride you take puts 500 pounds of pressure on your feet. Falling, twisting, running, […]

Heel Pain Can Be Treated!

Do you suffer from heel pain when you get up in the morning?

Types of Heel Pain

Heel pain is experienced by many patients as a gradual occurrence. It may develop as a result of repetitive stress the heel endures, which can come from frequently running or standing for the majority of the day. A common type of heel pain is referred to as plantar fasciitis, and this affects the portion of […]

How Does an Ingrown Toenail Heal?

An ingrown toenail is an uncomfortable condition that generally affects the big toe. It occurs as a result of the toenail growing into the outer edges of the skin. Typical symptoms that many patients notice with this ailment can include redness, swelling, pain, and discomfort. Moderate relief may be found if larger shoes are worn […]

Reminder: When was the last time…?

Custom orthotics, or shoe inserts, should be periodically replaced. Orthotics must fit properly to give you the best results. Protect your feet and ankles!

How Does Gout Form?

Gout is a foot condition that can be brought upon by the buildup of uric acid due to high levels of purines. Uric acid can increase due to hereditary conditions as well as complications with the kidneys. Certain foods to avoid that are high in purine levels include red meats, red wine, oily fish, and […]

Can Flat Feet Cause Pain?

The medical term that is known as flat feet refers to feet that have an absent or low arch. The majority of babies are born without an arch, however it will generally develop as they enter their teenage years. This condition is noticeable when the foot lies completely on the floor. The foot will naturally […]

Podiatry As A Career

The growing need for foot care can be seen in all age groups across the globe. Podiatrists specialize in ailments that affect the feet and ankles, in addition to performing surgery. They generally finish a four year program, followed by completing a hospital residency. The choice of a working environment can range from private practice […]

What Causes Cracked Heels?

Research has indicated that cracked heels affect more than fifty percent of the world's population. This condition may be a result of wearing shoes that have an open back, or from standing for long periods of time throughout the day. The skin may lose its elasticity, and can gradually develop deep cracks, which are also […]

Getting Adequate Sleep May Be Linked To Preventing Running Injuries

Research has indicated that the amount of sleep runners get may be linked to possibly preventing running injuries. Sleep helps the body to maintain strength, and may be connected to the minimization of stress the muscles and joints endure while running. Other benefits of sleeping the recommended eight hours per night may include restoring the […]

Is Toenail Fungus Common?

A common infection of the toenail is referred to as toenail fungus. It typically develops in the nail bed, and it generally grows slowly. One of the first symptoms of having this ailment is noticing a yellow or white dot that appears under the tip of the nail. In severe infections, the nail may turn […]

Common Types of Foot Pain

The feet are considered to be the foundation of the body, and may feel aches and pains from performing daily activities. Many types of foot pain can be caused by poor foot structure, or from wearing shoes that do not fit correctly. A common form of pain can be found in the heel, which may […]

A Case of Cold Feet

Now that we are approaching Winter with our first Nor’easter behind us, keeping warm in the chilly weather is a number one priority. So we pull out our boots, our fuzzy socks, coats, gloves, and scarves to bundle up every time we step out. However, it is likely that you are still familiar with the […]

Breaking News: Cosmetic Laser Therapy for Meghan Markle’s Foot Scar!

NEW LASER THERAPY TO RID MEGHAN MARKLE OF HER BUNION SCARS Dr. Suzanne Levine, voted by her peers Best Aesthetic Podiatrist in NYC, has the LASER THERAPY to fix those  unsightly bunion surgery scars! Meghan Markle’s scars have been breaking news around the globe and Dr. Levine’s latest treatment would be the perfect solution! Improvement that can be […]

Winner’s Circle

  A lovely shadow box crafted by a patient of Dr. Levine – gifted as a testimony to the excellent care she received that allowed her to continue her career as a ballroom dancer.

How to avoid blisters from irresistible but painful shoes: Stiletto-loving foot doctor reveals her 5 tips for pain-free fashion

How to avoid blisters from irresistible but painful shoes: Stiletto-loving foot doctor reveals her 5 tips for pain-free fashion Women – and men – often suffer long nights and big blisters to ‘break in’ new shoes But, a celebrity podiatrist says breaking them in is just a myth  Instead, shared explained how to use moisturizer, […]

Feet On Fire?

What makes the bottoms of your feet feel like they are on fire? Dr. Suzanne Levine What makes the bottoms of your feet feel like they are on fire? There are several things that can make your soles burn and sting, including: Your shoes Non-porous, typically man-made, inner soles can be one cause of burning […]

Glass Slippers are for Fairy Tales and Caitlyn Jenner

By Award Winning, Celebrity Podiatrist Dr. Suzanne Levine An appropriate fitting, comfortable shoe rarely equates to stylish, fashionable footwear in a woman’s world. Unfortunately, the typical, more fashionable high-heeled shoe with a narrow toe box causes increased plantar pressure and toe crowding, which can cause bunions (hallux valgus), bunionettes, hammer toe, and even neuromas in […]

They may not be able to sniffle, sneeze, or wheeze….

Dr. Suzanne Levine They may not be able to sniffle, sneeze, or wheeze, but your feet, just like any other part of your body, can be affected by allergies. What causes foot allergies? Some causes of foot allergies include sweating, hot humid weather, stress, dry skin and allergies to foods such as eggs, milk, fish, […]

Chic Shoes That You Can Wear!

Dr. Suzanne Levine Michael Kors Stylish, chic, comfortable, AND less expensive— this formula has rocketed Michael Kors to fame and fortune. In addition to his fashionable clothing, attractive handbags, and classy watches, for any woman with shoe sense Michael Kors will soon be on her feet. MK— the go-to shoes for 9-5, and weekend in […]

Mighty Achilles & Your Feet

“Mighty Achilles, demigod, slayer of Hector…Can Cause Havoc to your FEET”  I often see dancers and regular runners as well as novice marathoners and others who try to push themselves too far too fast. Dancers almost always rupture their Achilles tendons just above the site where the muscle attaches to the tendon just below the […]

How Your Lifestyle Affects Your Feet

Dr. Suzanne Levine No matter what your day job, your feet may be hurting by the end of the day, but some occupations put more stress on the soles than others, increasing your risk for aches, pains, and foot conditions that, if not treated early, can affect your work and your life. This typically happens […]

How Can a Pillow Fix Your Callus?

Dr. Suzanne Levine What is a callus? A callus is an abnormal amount of dead, thickened skin that builds up on an area like the bottom of your feet. They can be yellowish-red in color and they don’t feel like the rest of the skin on your soles. Calluses can crop up anywhere on your […]

The Insider List’s Summer Must Haves

Summer Must-Have Breakdown #5 Perfectly Pedicured Feet  Give your feet the ultimate treatment- a Foot Facial! Aside from the sand acting as nature’ exfoliant, your feed need to be ready for people to see. Wearing your favorite, fashionable flip flops, wedges, sandals and other peep-toes can make or break an outfit- but unkempt feet will […]

Hammertoes What To Do?

She was beautiful, but her feet were jacked up. Hammertoes what to do? Dr. Suzanne Levine What is a hammertoe? A hammertoe is a permanent deformity of the second, third, fourth, or fifth toes where the middle joint has become twisted into a claw-like or clenched position. To make matters worse, hammertoes often develop corns […]

Treat Your Feet The Way You Treat Your Face

Dr. Suzanne Levine Let me start with one important fact: it’s not normal for your feet to be killing you. It’s not normal to take your shoes off under your desk, while out to dinner, when standing at a bus stop (yes, I see this often in New York City), or any chance you get. […]

The Examiner’s Summer Beauty Guide

TOP 5 5. American Crew Power Cleanser Style Remover Time to remove any damage from beachy salt water, over exposure to the sun, and over processing through color maintenance, over heating with straightners, curlers, etc, and excess gel and spray buildup. American Crew brings you product to deep clean, and strip your hair from all […]

Sweaty, Smelly Feet

    Dr. Suzanne Levine Are smelly feet actually a medical condition? Yes. “Bromhidrosis” is the term used to describe excessive secretion of smelly sweat. The word comes from the Greek “bromos,” meaning stench, and “hidrosis,” meaning sweat. In relation to your feet, the less formal name for it is “dirty sock syndrome.” Bromhidrosis is […]

Kate Middleton, Oprah, or Meryl Streep….. You’re Rich and Famous, But Your Feet Don’t Care

In some ways celebrities are nothing like us. They stroll red carpets as often as we stroll supermarket aisles, and do so wearing fabulous designer dresses that cost more than the average American’s annual salary. In my opinion, the true equalizer between them and us may lie in their feet. No, you may never attend […]

As Featured on Examiner

, releases the top 3 steps for prepping your feet this summer. #1. Daily Moisturizer For Dry/Cracked Feet The first, and best, tactic for soft, healthy feet is a consistent beauty regimen. Especially during the colder months–when most people’s feet suffer from that classic adage, “out of sight, out of mind.” Dr. Levine sells a […]

Lucky To Be Noticed In White

Summer represents another opportunity for a clean slate and a fresh start, especially when it comes to updating your style and your wardrobe. Therefore, MDW marks the official kick-off for the LWD (Little White Dress for those of you less than fabulous fashionistas out there)! And nothing says clean and fresh like a perfect fitting […]

Dr. Suzanne Levine Featured in Departures Magazine

Dr. Suzanne Levine, celebrity podiatrist, was recently featured in Departures magazine regarding her podiatry practices and foot-related inventions. Dr. Levine tells it all, discussing everything from her own feet to toe fungus. Dr. Levine breaks down the concept of “perfect feet” and even discusses the relationship between foot pain and back pain in her patients. […]

Dr. Suzanne Levine | Simple Foot Procedure | New York Post To Blog

Dr. Suzanne Levine is labeled “The podiatrist to the stars”. This is very much due to being the innovator in the emerging field of aesthetic podiatry. Dr. Levine has authored seven books: Your Feet Don’t Have To Hurt, My Feet Are Killing Me, 50 Ways To Easy Foot Pain, Walk It Off, My Feet Are […]

Viral Sensation in NYC

Meet The Woman Who Invented The Loub Job As seen on Refinery29 and Huffington Post.  

Featured in the Accredited Bunion Advisor

Luxurious Foot Treatments May Soothe Bunions, Get Feet Louboutin-Ready… Sky-high mules in jeweled, suede and metallic varieties marched down the spring 2012 runway recently, leading a New York Times blogger to become self-conscious about her ballet-beaten feet. Consequently, writer Chelsea Zalopany visited some of the Big Apple’s most luxurious spas seeking treatment for her busted […]

As seen on Elite Daily…

Shoe-ly Obsessed with Being in Love…

The Transformative Power of a Good Shoe

The quickest way to change how you feel? A drastic shoe change! As children we imagine what it’s like to be a million different people everyday. We’re free to entertain limitless possibilities. Unfortunately, “dress up” and “pretend” get a pretty bad rap once you hit your 20s (about the same time people get weird looks […]

Please Help These Feet Fit Into My Stilettos

High heeled shoes today are like work of art, which means that comfort is not their primary purpose.  Even if they don’t fit at first, there are treatments that enable women to wear them and love wearing them!   Injections of implants, such as Sculptra, to the balls of the feet plump up the area where […]

Dr. Suzanne Levine and “My Feet Are Killing Me” On The Doctor Oz Show

Dr. Suzanne Levine, Board Certified NY Podiatrist on The Doctor Oz Show Dr. Suzanne Levine of New York City’s Institute Beaute recently appeared on The Doctor Oz Show where she and Dr. Oz discussed some common foot ailments that many people have to deal with on a daily basis. Feet are at the center of […]

Suzanne Levine, DPM and Dr. Everett Lautin | Author’s Night

Hello all, I’ve been looking forward to the 10th Annual Author’s Night in New York for some time now. It was such an honor for me, Suzanne Levine, to be in the company of such wonderful authors and celebrities who had come to show their support for the East Hampton Library, and speak with them […]

Dr. Suzanne Levine – Methods of Treatment for Fungal Nails at Institute Beauté, New York

It’s a beautiful July 4th weekend. You’re on the beach with friends walking on the warm sand, but you don’t want to take your shoes off. You finally do, revealing thick, yellow, flaking nails. What is with them? You call the Institute Beaute to see Dr. Suzanne Levine at her first available appointment. Dr. Levine takes one […]

Summer Feet – 1st of 7 Part Series by Dr. Suzanne Levine

Danger in the Summer Sun | Foot Protection For Dummies How to protect your feet in the summer according to Dr. Suzanne Levine and the Institute Beauté. Everyone loves the summer. For many it is the best time of the year. I mean, azure blue sky, golden sunshine, warm water, and the soft sand of […]

Dr. Suzanne Levine to Attend 10th Annual Authors Night in New York

Summary: Dr. Suzanne Levine, voted one of New York’s best doctors by New York Magazine and primary podiatrist at Institute Beaute, has been invited to attend Authors Night, a benefit supporting the East Hampton Library in the village of East Hampton, New York. Dr. Levine has authored five books, and will be promoting her most […]

The Best Lunch Hour Fix Me Up Ever: “The Loub Job” from Dr. Suzanne Levine at The Institute Beauté

Dr. Suzanne Levine’s ‘Loub Job Injection’ at Institute Beaute, New York We know! Your feet are killing you! It’s summer and it’s beautiful out there in New York. You have made the most of it: jogging, tennis, golf, the beach, aerobics, and just fun in the sun. Your feet are paying the price especially your big […]

Dr. Suzanne Levine – Beach Modern Luxury Magazine, The Hamptons

About This Article: Dr. Suzanne Levine of Institute Beauté, New York speaks with Beach Modern Luxury about her practice, her books, her revolutionary products, brave new world of treatments & techniques, and being voted one of America’s Top Podiatrists for the 4th of July ‘Hamptons’ issue. Transcribed from the print article. *** Q: Dr. Levine, you have […]

Dr. Suzanne Levine – Sexier Feet In Seconds

How to hide bunions, veins and more, sans surgery By Suzanne M Levine, M.D. Sexy, strappy heels lose their allure if they’re wrapped around feet blemished by age spots and spider veins. But it needn’t be that way. Using a touch of makeup (yes the same stuff you use on your face) can take years off […]

Dr. Suzanne Levine – New Treatment For Peripheral Neuropathy at Institute Beauté, New York

Severe recurrent burning pain on the soles of the feet. Insensitivity of the feet to hot or cold. Unnoticed injures on the feet. These are some of the manifestations of “peripheral neuropathy.” Peripheral neuropathy includes a very wide range of causes, manifestations, symptoms, and prognoses. Some of the more common causes are: diabetes, chemotherapy, alcoholism, […]

Dr. Suzanne Levine – 8 Steps for Self Foot Care

About this article – Originally posted on Huffington Post on 6.16.14.  Dr. Levine shares the health benefits of treating your feet the way you treat your face as well as 8 steps for self foot care, inspired by her Foot Facial Treatment. It’s finally time for our tootsies to see the light after months of hibernation. With your […]

Dr. Suzanne Levine – Choosing The Right Shoes For Your Foot Condition

Choosing The Best Shoes For Your Feet Do you have bunions, corns or hammertoe? Are you having trouble choosing the best shoes for your feet?best In this segment of “The Doctors”, Celebrity Podiatrist, Dr. Suzanne Levine suggests the  pair of shoes for three women, who each suffer from a different foot condition (Hammertoe, Bunions, Corns). And she […]

Dr. Suzanne Levine – NY Times Article About Cosmetic Foot Surgery

In this article profiling the emerging popularity and exploration of women getting foot surgeries so that they can wear designer shoes the NY Times speaks with My Feet Are Killing Me author, Pillows For Your Feet inventor and Celebrity Podiatrist from New York’s Institue Beauté, Dr. Suzanne Levine. A very interesting read with comments from […]

Dr. Suzanne Levine – Review for Home & Family Show Facebook Fan

It has been a week since author of My Feet Are Killing Me, Dr. Suzanne Levine appeared on Hallmark Channel’s Home & Family Show.  The response to which has been great, btw!  And she looks forward to her next appearance. The video below is from the Home & Family Facebook Page. They asked their Home & […]

Dr. Suzanne Levine – Home and Family Show Segment

Catch Celebrity Podiatrist, Inventor & Author Dr. Suzanne Levine on The Hallmark Channel’s ‘Home and Family’ Show this Friday, April 18th at 10am/9c. And if you happen to miss the live broadcast, don’t worry!  You can watch the full episode on the Hallmark Channel’s website.  Just click on the following link to jump to the ‘Home & […]

Dr. Suzanne Levine – What Your Shoes Are Really Doing To Your Feet

In this article celebrity podiatrist and author of My Feet Are Killing Me, Dr. Suzanne Levine speaks with Huffington Post reporter Lauren Mikler about ‘What Your Shoes Are Really Doing To Your Feet’.  Originally Published on The Huffington Post | Lauren Mikler There are few accessories that excite women quite like shoes. Not only are they the key […]

Dr. Suzanne Levine – Blame Her Shoes Not Her Feet

Sarah Jessica Parker was at the Union Square Nordstrom’s on Wednesday to promote her new shoe line and was photographed with spider veins. In the article Dr. Suzanne Levine shares with Daily News readers who is to blame for the condition of her feet and tips for other hard working, professional, stiletto high heel loving […]

Dr. Suzanne Levine – Keeping Your Feet Healthy, The Couch

About This Video In this segment of The Couch, Dr. Suzanne Levine shares several simple tips for keeping your feet healthy and beautiful. – Vain Glorious | The Happy Heel

In this article by Chelsea Zalopany, Dr. Levine shares some of the many things we can do at home or with procedures to improve our foot health and comfort with New York Times readers. [divider style=”simple”] [/divider] “These are not aristocratic feet. I’m here to tell you these are working feet,” says Park Avenue’s go-to […]

Save Your Soles – New York City

The Spa: Institute Beauté The Treatment: The Foot Facial The Details: As intensive — and pricey — as it gets. This medical-grade pampering (courtesy of famed foot guru Suzanne Levine, MD) starts with skin-softening urea (40%) rather than a soak, and segues to a thermal exfoliating scrub that warms on contact. “The crushed bamboo has […] – Foot Facelifts Staff Report Medically reviewed by Sam Speron, M.D.When Alisia Burch, 33, a New York City customer service representative looked down at her stylish sandals, the only thing that really struck her eye was three corns and a bunion on her feet. Then, after glancing at those defects, the next thing she saw was her second […]

Can Botulinum Toxin Have An Effect For Hyperhidrosis?

About This Article In this article printed in Podiatry Today, Dr. Levine and Dr. Lautin publish a medical article proving that the use of Botox as a means to cure excessive sweating to the medical community. Click on the thumbnails below to view the galley.  Or, if you would like to download a PDF version […] – The penny loafer drops

About This Article The classic penny loafer gets a makeover and reveals a whole new sexy, yet practical, form.  Dr. Levine, offers her reasoning behind the shift from potentially foot injuring shoes like stiletto heels amongst her high profile clientele. To read this article in its entirety at please click the button below.

Weight Watchers – Can’t Walk This Way

Sometimes, activity can be a real pain in the foot. Here’s how to take care of your piggies. Article By: Linda DiProperzio According to a study by the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA), 72 percent of Americans say they do not exercise because foot pain prevents them from doing so. When you’re a busy woman on […]

SF Gate – Pillows for the Feet Keeps Clients Well Heeled

Christine Sycylo’s sartorial signature includes lots of jewelry – “up to seven necklaces at the same time”- and black form-fitting outfits with splashes of color. But there was something that bothered her about her look: the clodhoppers she had worn for decades as a result of long-standing foot pain that resulted in her looking “like […]

Picks for Fall – Michael Kors

As a podiatrist who also happens to be a shoe fetishist – or is it the other way around? – I’m always on the lookout for gorgeous shoes that will also fit “problem feet.” Michael Kors has really hit the jackpot with some of the selections from his Fall 2010 line.  Many of the pumps […]

Kitten Heels: Putting the “me” back in MEOW……

Kitten heels came prancing back onto the runways this season and we’re excited to see them on women’s feet this fall.  Naysayers claim they aren’t real heels, but I say they’re a très adorable style that’s manages to be stylish, sexy, AND practical – how many other shoe styles can claim all three of these […]

Musings on a Glass Slipper

We’ve all heard the story of Cinderella, the classic folk tale a/k/a The Little Glass Slipper involving a young woman living in unfortunate circumstances at the mercy of her evil stepmother and stepsisters whose life is transformed because she can fit her foot into a tiny glass slipper.  The tale has so many variations that […]

Sex and the City 2 Shoe Review

Sex and the City 2 premiered last weekend and despite some tepid reviews from the critics about the thin plotline as usual – it was all about the fashion.  Although NYC has been called the 5th character in the ensemble cast – the City played a minor role this time around since the fab fashion […]

Those Louis Vuittons are calling out to me…

Last week, a co-worker’s 10 year old niece waited patiently for her in the Institute Beaute waiting area where I have my “shoe museum.”  Favorite shoes from various stages in my life are in glass cases because to me they are true works of art (and because I ran out of room in my home).   […]

How to Put the Thrill Back Into Walking

The walker’s slump. You used to feel proud of yourself for just getting out of the house. You smiled and nodded at the other walkers, pleased with yourself to be in such energetic company. You felt proud when you passed a slowpoke and competitive when you saw someone faster. You set goals for yourself. By […]

All About Cold Feet

When was the last time someone told you she had “cold feet” about doing something– getting married, going skiing, having a baby? “Having cold feet” means having a case of nervous jitters. And nerves are one of the keys to the problem of icy cold feet. Why are your feet always so cold? Your feet […]

10 Tips for a Professional-Quality Home Pedicure

Don’t think you have the time for a home pedicure? Well, you do! It’s as good an excuse as any for some sacred private time (not to mention it will save you some cash). You already know how to do a basic pedicure, now use my expert tips to take your home pedicures to the […]

NY Post – Zip/Tuck by Beth Landman

Fewer patients are electing to undergo major cosmetic procedures these days, but the plastic surgery field has hardly been dormant. Scientists and doctors have been busy coming up with cutting-edge advances that focus on specific problem areas, from a simple solution that can be brushed on brows, to a small fiber that lifts the lower […]

Self Magazine – Take Care of Your Feet

by Jan Goodwin for The pampered foot “We keep our body in shape but ignore and overuse our feet,” says Suzanne Levine, D.P.M., a podiatric surgeon in New York City. Take care of your dogs before they start to bark. In the shower, scrub your tootsies, including between your toes, with soap and an abrasive sponge or […] – Sexier Feet in Seconds

How to hide bunions, veins and more, sans surgery Suzanne M Levine, M.D. Photograph: istockphoto Sexy, strappy heels lose their allure if they’re wrapped around feet blemished by age spots and spider veins. But it needn’t be that way. Using a touch of makeup (yes the same stuff you use on your face) can take […]

August 2009 Shoe of the Month: Kidskin Low-Heel Halter

I recently got a hold of a pair of shoes I just have to brag about. They’re the kidskin low-heel halter from (SPLURGE ALERT!!!) Manolo Blahnik in the very popular “Carolyne” style, and I love them! These slingbacks, of a smooth deep navy color with a toebox that comes to a soft point, are sleek […] – Fabulous Feet Over Forty

High heels equal agony for you? Click here for help Suzanne M Levine, M.D. Photograph: From istockphoto Why Our Dogs Bark More After 40 In your forties, the padding on the bottom of your feet starts to thin, so when you slip on heels, the exaggerated angle (and the subsequent pressure on the bottom of […]

Shoe of the Month: The Lana Platform

[box icon=”info-sign” style=”simple”] This is the first installment in our “Shoe of the Month” series, wherein Dr. Levine spots with her podiatrist’s eye her new favorite pair of shoes and tells you exactly why she loves them. Check back often for updates, tips and more! [/box] I recently went out and bought a pair of […]

Welcome to the Institute Beauté Blog!

Feet have been a focal point of my life for as long as I can remember. My mother tells me that by the age of two, I was a regular patient at the Hospital for the Ruptured and Disabled in New York City (now part of the Hospital for Special Surgery). There I was fitted […] – Time for Toetox? Park Avenue Podiatrist Tends to Tortured Soles

Seated at her Park Avenue office on a recent afternoon, podiatrist Dr. Suzanne Levine, D.P.M, was describing the kinds of patients that often drop by her office for a quick “foot facial,” chemical peel or perhaps a little Botox or Juvéderm injection for their tired tootsies. “They have several face-lifts, a nose job, their neck […] – Podiatrists Can Plump You Up For Stilettos

By Maria Puente, USA TODAY If you’ve ever wondered, enviously, how celebrity and fashion-tribe women manage to strut red carpets for hours in sky-high stilettos, here’s one possible secret: collagen injections in the balls or heels of their feet. Yes, the shoe-obsessed are padding their padding to continue their footwear obsession. Collagen or hyaluronic acid […]