Dr. Suzanne Levine - The Podiatrist to the Stars


Dr. Suzanne Levine - The Podiatrist to the Stars

Dr. Suzanne Levine is labeled "The Podiatrist to the Stars". This is very much due to being the innovator in the emerging field of aesthetic podiatry. Dr. Levine has authored seven books: Your Feet Don’t Have To Hurt, My Feet Are Killing Me!, 50 Ways To Easy Foot Pain, Walk It Off, Dr. Levine’s Complete Foot Care Program Expanded Second Edition, and two books with Dr. Everett Lautin, The Botox Book and You Don’t Need Plastic Surgery.

Dr. Levine developed a medical procedure she calls, “Pillows For Your Feet®,” which restores the lost cushioning on the bottom of the feet. She has made “Pillows For Your Feet®” available at home with her new line of aesthetic shoe inserts for every kind of shoe, both fashionable and athletic. Her decadent in office “Foot Facial®” aesthetic foot treatment is now also available at home in her “Foot Facial®” line of products.

In addition to treating multiple A-List celebs, Dr. Levine is on the staff of the New York Presbyterian Hospital-Cornell Medical Center and on the staff of Lenox Hill Hospital/North Shore Medical Center. She has been a consultant for the Brown Shoe Corporation, Dr. Scholl’s, 9 West, and multiple pharmaceutical companies. She is also a Diplomat of The American Board of Podiatric Surgery and co founder and Vice President of the International Aesthetic Foot Society.

To schedule an appointment with Dr. Suzanne Levine, call 212-535-0229 or visit her contact page.