The Top 3 Steps for Prepping Your Feet This Summer


The Top 3 Steps for Prepping Your Feet This Summer

By Dr. Suzanne Levine

Dr. Suzanne Levine, releases the top 3 steps for prepping your feet this summer.

1. Daily Moisturizer For Dry/Cracked Feet

The first, and best, tactic for soft, healthy feet is a consistent beauty regimen. Especially during the colder months--when most people's feet suffer from that classic adage, "out of sight, out of mind." Dr. Levine sells a"Head to Toe Beauty Foot Humectant" that is a powerful first step towards softening and breaking down thickened skin. Her "Glycolic Foot Cream" is an amazing follow up to the humectant and contains vitamins A, C, E and essential green tea extract.

2. "Foot Facial" To Freshen Feet

The "Foot Facial" is a technique pioneered by Dr. Levine, whose mantra is,"treat your feet like your face." This is the best way to jump start your feet after months of being crammed into boots and close toed shoes. During the 45 minute procedure, a trained beauty technician exfoliates away calluses, brightens nails, improves cuticle health, applies a deep moisturizing agent and finishes with reflexology. Think of it as a super pedicure!

3. Laser Therapy For Thick, Discolored Toenails

Dr. Levine uses the latest in laser technology--the Q-Clear Compact Laser System. Often with just one treatment, Dr. Levine can stop and heal stubborn toe fungus that leaves most people ashamed of their feet. And what's more,just like whitening your teeth, the Q-Clear Laser can help improve the look and feel of your nails. "Feet tend to look dull by the time May rolls around. This laser treatment can give you a fresh start" says Dr. Levine.