The Transformative Power of a Good Shoe


The Transformative Power of a Good Shoe

By Dr. Suzanne Levine

The quickest way to change how you feel? A drastic shoe change!

As children we imagine what it’s like to be a million different people everyday. We’re free to entertain limitless possibilities. Unfortunately, “dress up” and “pretend” get a pretty bad rap once you hit your 20s (about the same time people get weird looks for trick-or-treating).

But it’s not like you stop being a complex human being. Maybe you’re a policewoman by day that wants to let loose and show off your feminine side off the clock. Or a Goldman Sachs professional who needs to switch into mom mode and catch a school play. These are Dr. Suzanne Levine’s fashion tips for women who want to make a quick change and tap into a different part of their personality.

So sit back and ask yourself: who do I want to be?

1. Masculine

Inspiration: Taylor Swift



Whether you’re serenading crowds around the world, or just need to wear a high heel for your job, a great way to unwind, and literally plant your feet, is a masculine flat. Taylor’s take on a classic wingtip not only looks stylish, but also contrast nicely with her floral dress.

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2. Sexy/Risqué

Inspiration: Kim Kardashian


Do you work a stuffy day job, or spend all day at home with the kids? Nothing gives women a sexy boost like a high heel. These shoes typically have a thin heel, with a chunky outsole that lengthens the leg and lifts the butt. And of course, black goes with everything.

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3. Maternal

Inspiration: Mila Kunis 



 If you’re a power player who needs to switch gears and pick up the kids from ballet or piano lessons, there’s no shame in throwing on a comfy, canvas shoe. Keds have been the gold standard for almost a century; just ask Mila.

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4. Conservative/Business

Inspiration: Hillary Clinton



Going in for an interview? As much as your resume and references count, your appearance speaks volumes. Dr. Levine recommends a short, sturdy heel around an inch and a half. A neutral tone like beige or black conveys femininity, along with reliability.

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5. Outrageous

Inspiration: Lady Gaga



Spring’s runway fashion isn’t in everyone’s price range (or personal style). But if you really want to cut loose and express yourself, look no further than a unique shoe: high platforms, interesting materials, funky embellishments. Any deviation from “normal” shoewear will immediately turn heads when you walk into a room.

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