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Picks for Fall: Michael Kors

As a podiatrist who also happens to be a shoe fetishist – or is it the other way around? – I’m always on the lookout for gorgeous shoes that will also fit “problem feet.”

Michael Kors has really hit the jackpot with some of the selections from his Fall 2010 line.  Many of the pumps feature a high cut, which is a distinctive, beautiful look that conveys a classic elegance.   More importantly from a podiatric standpoint, a high-cut shoe is a great choice for a wider foot, especially a wider forefoot.  A high-cut shoe also gives more allowance for bunions and hammertoes – giving you more of that all-important “wiggle room.”  And although some of the narrow toes in this collection aren’t as utilitarian as rounded or square toes, I still found them to be roomy enough to allow for corns.

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Shoe of the Month: Kidskin Low-Heel Halter

I recently got a hold of a pair of shoes I just have to brag about. They’re the kidskin low-heel halter from (SPLURGE ALERT!!!) Manolo Blahnik in the very popular “Carolyne” style, and I love them! These slingbacks, of a smooth deep navy color with a toebox that comes to a soft point, are sleek and sexy, yet versatile enough for any professional woman to carry from day into night.

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