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Sex and the City 2 Shoe Review

Sex and the City 2 premiered last weekend and despite some tepid reviews from the critics about the thin plotline as usual – it was all about the fashion.  Although NYC has been called the 5th character in the ensemble cast – the City played a minor role this time around since the fab fashion 4 spent much of the movie in Abu Dhabi (which was actually Morocco). Aside from the money shot of Carrie’s glittery gold Christian Louboutins – as well as some funky black-and-blue caged heels – one of the most memorable scenes was shoe shopping at the Souk where fashionable footwear sold at rock-bottom prices.

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Those Louis Vuittons Are Calling Out to Me...

Last week, a co-worker’s 10 year old niece waited patiently for her in the Institute Beaute waiting area where I have my “shoe museum.” Favorite shoes from various stages in my life are in glass cases because to me they are true works of art (and because I ran out of room in my home). When it was time for the young girl to leave, she calmly told her Aunt: “Those Louis Vuittons are calling out to me.”

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