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Treat Your Feet The Way You Treat Your Face

Let me start with one important fact: it’s not normal for your feet to be killing you. It’s not normal to take your shoes off under your desk, while out to dinner, when standing at a bus stop (yes, I see this often in New York City), or any chance you get. It’s not normal to have feet that throb by midday or for new shoes to hurt and cause you to wince with each step. It’s just not normal to suffer foot pain.

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Kate Middleton, Oprah, or Meryl Streep….. You're Rich and Famous, But Your Feet Don’t Care

In some ways celebrities are nothing like us. They stroll red carpets as often as we stroll supermarket aisles, and do so wearing fabulous designer dresses that cost more than the average American’s annual salary.

In my opinion, the true equalizer between them and us may lie in their feet. No, you may never attend the extravagant events that celebrities do. You may never have their gorgeous hair (and their gorgeous hair stylists) or their trim, toned bodies (and their personal trainers and chefs), but you may have equally challenging feet.

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