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How Your Lifestyle Affects Your Feet

No matter what your day job, your feet may be hurting by the end of the day, but some occupations put more stress on the soles than others, increasing your risk for aches, pains, and foot conditions that, if not treated early, can affect your work and your life.

This typically happens with jobs that require you to stand all day, as in the case of salespeople, hair stylists, waiters/ waitresses, police officers, teachers, flight attendants, doormen, and dancers, to name just a few.

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Treat Your Feet The Way You Treat Your Face

Let me start with one important fact: it’s not normal for your feet to be killing you. It’s not normal to take your shoes off under your desk, while out to dinner, when standing at a bus stop (yes, I see this often in New York City), or any chance you get. It’s not normal to have feet that throb by midday or for new shoes to hurt and cause you to wince with each step. It’s just not normal to suffer foot pain.

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