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The Examiner's Summer Beauty Guide

The Top 5

5. American Crew Power Cleanser Style Remover

Time to remove any damage from beachy salt water, overexposure to the sun, and over processing through color maintenance, overheating with straighteners, curlers, etc, and excess gel and spray buildup. American Crew brings you product to deep clean, and strip your hair from all of the hard times we put it through.

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The Best Lunch Hour Fix Me Up Ever: “The Loub Job” from Dr. Suzanne Levine

Dr. Suzanne Levine’s ‘Loub Job Injection’ at Institute Beaute, New York

We know! Your feet are killing you! It’s summer and it’s beautiful out there in New York. You have made the most of it: jogging, tennis, golf, the beach, aerobics, and just fun in the sun. Your feet are paying the price especially your big toe.

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