If you have a toenail or nail fungus, you can receive laser treatment in NYC from Institute Beaute. Nail fungus is an infection of the nail called onychomicosis. Toenail fungus is common in which affects nearly 23 million people in USA. Let us help you treat nail fungus with Q-Clear, an FDA approved treatment for your toenails or fingernails with laser technology at our offices in New York City.


Institute Beaute is managed by Dr. Suzanne Levine who is a New York City based Board-Certified podiatric surgeon that helps her patients with laser nail fungus treatments with Q-Clear.

We are proud to introduce nail fungus laser treatment using the Q-Clear Nd: Yag Laser. Some of the benefits for nail fungus treatments are:

  • State of the art laser technology
  • FDA approved
  • Painless in-office procedure
  • It is safe and effective treatment
  • Gets rid of the organisms that cause nail fungus (onychomycosis)

What is nail fungus?

Fungal infections of the nails can be a common and an embarrassing problem which can become painful. These infections develop when fungi, known as dermatophytes, burrow under the nails which causes them to become discolored, crusty, thick and distorted.

What are the symptoms nail fungus?

The first signs of nail fungus is a white or yellow spot appearing underneath the tip of the nail, which then thickens and distorts the nail. As fungi grows inside and onto the nail, crusting, discoloration and the darkening begins. Infected nails can separate from the nail bed which can also cause pain.

Is the laser nail fungus treatment painful?

No it is almost painful with no injections required for the treatment. A gentle laser beam of light is passed over your nails.

How long does it take for nails to clear?

Nails could take from 6 to 12 months to grow out with our Q-Clear laser nail fungus treatment.

How long does the laser treatment take?

Our laser nail fungus treatment takes approximately 15 minutes with two treatments are required at our NYC office.

Is this treatment safe?

Yes. It is FDA approved. Unlike oral medications on the market there are no risks to the liver or kidneys with no age or health restrictions.


If your nails look like one in the pictures above, please call us for your Free evaluation and treatment options at (212) 535-0229 or schedule an appointment.

Tips For Healthy Nails:

Whatever treatment you choose, take these precautions to prevent nail fungus:

  • Keep your feet as clean and dry as possible
  • Wear waterproof sandals at swimming pools or other wet public areas
  • Change your socks or hose daily
  • Clip toenails straight across and keep them shorter than the tips of your toes
  • Avoid tight hosiery, which promotes moisture retention, and wear synthetic fabric socks that wick moisture away from feet better than cotton or wool