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Dr. Suzanne Levine as featured in That Girl at the Party.

Letting loose on the weekend is an American pastime. From tailgates to dance floors, there’s a not-so-subtle double standard at play. While men can throw on a pair of sneakers (or maybe leather shoes if they’re feeling fancy) women are expected to keep up in a pair of 3 inch heels and a skirt. It’s the classic Ginger Rogers dilemma. And while things are far from fair, there are some simple ways for women to even the field. Dr. Suzanne Levine, a New York City podiatrist, offers the following list of essentials for your night out.

1. Roll-Up Flats

Because no one wants to be the girl carrying her heels home at 3 a.m. It’s depressing, and also the quickest way to pick up a case of tetanus. But, Dr. Levine advises, “One woman’s shoe being as flat as a ballet slipper without any arch support is as much a troublemaker as another’s woman’s stiletto.” Essentially, play up the arch of your foot and find what feels right. Dr. Scholl’s Fast Flats are a great, affordable option.

2. Gel Inserts

On that note, Dr. Levine recommends a product she’s created called “Pillows for Your Feet®.” The balls of your feet, the fatty cushions, carry three times your body weight even when barefoot” explains Dr. Levine. These inserts, which come in two versions for heels and flats, sit comfortably under your arch and redistribute weight evenly.

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