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What To Do When You Have an Ingrown Toenail

When it comes to your beauty regimen, dealing with ingrown toenails is on par with finding a surprise pimple or trying to get rid of dandruff — that is, not fun and a big pain to deal with. And, more often than not, ingrown toenails are literally painful. But here’s the good news: There is a right way to remove them. So before you resign yourself to hobbling around in pain, read this.

How to Prevent Them
The best way to deal with an ingrown toenail is to keep one from forming in the first place. Unlike fingernails, which you can shape however you want to (be they square, oval, “squoval,” stiletto, whatever), toenails should have one shape and one shape only: Straight across. “Rounding the edges, or the ‘corners’ of your nails, or cutting your nail too short can lead to ingrown toenails,” says New York-based podiatrist Suzanne Levine.

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