Refinery29 - Meet the Woman who Invented the Loub Job


Written by Phillip Picardi

“Suzanne Levine, DPM, is, to put it mildly, obsessed with footwear. The doctor estimates that she has over 300 pairs of shoes: a collection that does not discriminate, she's proud to note. “I love everyone’s shoes,” she muses. “My go-to pairs might be a Michael Kors boot for daytime, or a Gucci heel when I’m going out, and I love Prada and Louboutins, even though those can sometimes be a foot challenge.” Her favorite, though, is Manolo Blahnik: “You’ll always find me at the sample sale. I was run over by a woman one year! But, it’s worth it.” 

It would be easy to assume that Dr. Levine has something of a vanity complex when it comes to footwear. However, you’d be (mostly) mistaken: She is the premier podiatrist in New York City, if not the entire country. Good shoes, then, are not just her passion — they’re her business.

“My calling in life is to keep women wearing their best shoes,” Dr. Levine tells us. She does so via her Upper East Side practice, Institute Beauté. “Here, I have more than one million dollars worth of equipment, like my brand-new anti-fungal laser that takes care of infections with one treatment as opposed to three, with no pain. I did a lot of alternative treatments before the phrase ‘alternative therapy’ was ever even mentioned in medicine. I get a lot of controversy, but I don’t care, so long as my patients are happy.”

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