Refinery29- How To Get Soft, Sandal-Ready Feet Before The First Day Of Summer


Written by Samantha Sasso

Now that your feet are softened, it's time to buff away the dead skin, but not without caution. You should never pumice areas of the skin that are normal, or simply dry — only callused or thick skin. If you're unsure if it is callused, see your foot doctor to evaluate; it could be a wart or a lesion in need of treatment.

Dr. Levine says not to overdo it on the pumicing: Just use gentle pressure as you buff the stone in circular motions until the skin sheds. If you do get overzealous with the stone and create an open wound, Dr. Levine says to rinse it with warm water, Ivory soap, and a clean washcloth. Then, apply a topical antibiotic and a bandage to avoid an infection.

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