PageSix Style - Stars turning to CBD to survive hours in high heels

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Written by Elana Fishman

“…CBD (or cannabidiol) may come from the cannabis plant, but unlike THC (tetrahydracannabinol), it has no psychoactive effects — and is legal throughout the US. …”

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‘“CBD applied topically is an excellent way to decrease focal pain,” board certified podiatric surgeon (and self-proclaimed stiletto lover) Dr. Suzanne Levine told Page Six Style. “When applied topically, very little CBD is absorbed into the bloodstream, and it can provide significant reduction in local pain and inflammation.”

As for possible side effects? There are next to none, Levine said, although “conceivably one might have a local reaction in a small minority of patients.” To minimize risk, she recommends buying from a known manufacturer and noting the CBD dosage in any product you consider purchasing. “Generally, the higher the amount of CBD the better,” she said. “But also, the more expensive.” ‘

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