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Departures.Com- True Confessions of a Foot Doctor

It was a bright, sunny Friday morning.

Suzanne Levine, D.P.M., in her white lab coat, half-eyes pushed up high onto her expensively highlighted locks, looks down at what I had always considered quite nice feet. “Oh my god!” she says, backing away from me like she might from a burning house. “Those feet do not belong to you!”

Excuse me, I thought.

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Seated at her Park Avenue office on a recent afternoon, podiatrist Dr. Suzanne Levine, D.P.M, was describing the kinds of patients that often drop by her office for a quick “foot facial,” chemical peel or perhaps a little Juvéderm injection for their tired tootsies. “They have several face-lifts, a nose job, their neck done, their lips enlarged a little too much and lo and behold you look down to discover your grandmother’s feet!” said Dr. Levine, clutching a large latte from Starbucks with her pink manicured fingernails. “It’s shocking. On top, they’re wearing a Chanel jacket and orthopedic-type shoes on the bottom. It’s not very sexy. ”Plagued by bunions, corns, wrinkles, age spots, hammertoes, blisters and swelling brought on by seasons of trotting across Manhattan in rickety high heels, some women are paranoid about exposing their feet to others, she added, even in the coming warm months. “You cannot even imagine! They are so embarrassed, they go to a separate section of Bergdorf to try on shoes and they leave their socks on during intimate moments or even at their gynecologist’s office, which I just find so hilarious!”

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