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Medically reviewed by Sam Speron, M.D. When Alisia Burch, 33, a New York City customer service representative looked down at her stylish sandals, the only thing that really struck her eye was three corns and a bunion on her feet. Then, after glancing at those defects, the next thing she saw was her second and third toes – stretching out farther than her big toes -- hanging over the edge of her sandals. It was summer in the City and it seemed like every woman in town was wearing some type of open footwear that revealed most of her feet.

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Fewer patients are electing to undergo major cosmetic procedures these days, but the plastic surgery field has hardly been dormant. Scientists and doctors have been busy coming up with cutting-edge advances that focus on specific problem areas, from a simple solution that can be brushed on brows, to a small fiber that lifts the lower face, to thin laminates that transform a smile without grinding down natural teeth. Here are some of the latest techniques — body part by body part — and the doctors who are leading the way.

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