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Today - Is this why Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, wears shoes that are too big?

Whenever the Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, steps out in public, royal style watchers obsess over every single detail she’s wearing, from her gorgeous dresses and bags to her growing collection of oh-so-British fascinators.

But the former Meghan Markle has one style quirk that has only recently come to light: She often wears heels that are too big for her.

The most dramatic example might be the strappy, beige heels she wore in November 2018 during a photoshoot celebrating her engagement to Prince Harry.

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As Valentine’s Day creeps up, women are inundated with expectations of falling in love. If they are lucky, they'll fall deeply in love with the man of their dreams, but let’s be realistic: More often than not, it is a fabulous pair of shoes!

Women are forced to accept the truth that just like the men who capture their hearts, their passion for shoes causes nothing but agonizing pain and ongoing problems.

The relationship ladies have with their designer pumps is a never-ending parade of lust rather than true love.

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In this article profiling the emerging popularity and exploration of women getting foot surgeries so that they can wear designer shoes the NY Times speaks with My Feet Are Killing Me author, Pillows For Your Feet inventor and Celebrity Podiatrist from New York’s Institute Beauté, Dr. Suzanne Levine. A very interesting read with comments from a variety of podiatrists who speak frankly about various methods, techniques, and procedures they have performed and, at times, invented to help individuals suffering from conditions that range from purely cosmetic, psychological, and work/related reasons. Originally published April 22nd, 2014. Written by Laren Stover.

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Home & Family - Dr. Suzanne Levine Asked by Fans for Advice

t has been a week since author of My Feet Are Killing Me, Dr. Suzanne Levine appeared on Hallmark Channel’s Home & Family Show.  The response to which has been great, btw!  And she looks forward to her next appearance.

The video below is from the Home & Family Facebook Page. They asked their Home & Family Facebook Page fans if they had any questions for me . . . and it was about wearing stilettos and high heel shoes. Please enjoy!

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“These are not aristocratic feet. I’m here to tell you these are working feet,” says Park Avenue’s go-to podiatrist, Suzanne Levine, after a quick examination of my not-so-pretty pieds. In all fairness, my childhood and adolescence were spent studying ballet. Anyone who’s worn a pair of pointe shoes will confirm that dancing in them is a kind of quiet torture that ceases to bother only after you’ve grown numb to the pain. Your feet never really recover from the trauma. I sought out Levine and a few other foot gurus after determining spring’s must-have shoes: the bejeweled slip-ons from Oscar de la Renta, the velvet clogs from Miu Miu and the heel-less metallic numbers with super-pointy toes from Louis Vuitton, among others. The problem?

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Medically reviewed by Sam Speron, M.D. When Alisia Burch, 33, a New York City customer service representative looked down at her stylish sandals, the only thing that really struck her eye was three corns and a bunion on her feet. Then, after glancing at those defects, the next thing she saw was her second and third toes – stretching out farther than her big toes -- hanging over the edge of her sandals. It was summer in the City and it seemed like every woman in town was wearing some type of open footwear that revealed most of her feet.

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