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Summer represents another opportunity for a clean slate and a fresh start- especially when it comes getting your skin and body sun-kissed ready. There are always an over abundance of products on the market to invest in perfecting your overall aesthetic. Although, the summer time provides a bit more of a challenge to make sure your skin/body is tight, right and the rest of your fabulous self matches- completing your stylish beach goddess look. However, if you want that title you need make sure your summer checklist and must haves are all in order- starting with…

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Beach Modern Luxury Magazine - The Hamptons, July 4th Issue

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Dr. Suzanne Levine of Institute Beauté, New York speaks with Beach Modern Luxury about her practice, her books, her revolutionary products, brave new world of treatments & techniques, and being voted one of America’s Top Podiatrists for the 4th of July ‘Hamptons’ issue. Transcribed from the print article.

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Christine Sycylo's sartorial signature includes lots of jewelry - "up to seven necklaces at the same time"- and black form-fitting outfits with splashes of color. But there was something that bothered her about her look: the clodhoppers she had worn for decades as a result of long-standing foot pain that resulted in her looking "like a classy woman from above the ankles and a bag lady from below."

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If you've ever wondered, enviously, how celebrity and fashion-tribe women manage to strut red carpets for hours in sky-high stilettos, here's one possible secret: collagen injections in the balls or heels of their feet.

Yes, the shoe-obsessed are padding their padding to continue their footwear obsession. Collagen or hyaluronic acid (brand name Restylane) can plump up feet the way it plumps up faces.

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