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How to avoid blisters from irresistible but painful shoes: Stiletto-loving foot doctor reveals her 5 tips for pain-free fashion

  • Women - and men - often suffer long nights and big blisters to 'break in' new shoes

  • But, a celebrity podiatrist says breaking them in is just a myth 

  • Instead, shared explained how to use moisturizer, apple cider vinegar, shoe stretchers and lidocaine to ward off - or at least cope with - painful blisters

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Resident Magazine - Put Your Best Foot Forward

“Award-winning podiatrist Dr. Suzanne Levine offers tips on ways to keep your feet warm during the cold winter months…Keeping one’s feet well moisturized is key to warm feet, because in winter months, skin tends to get dry and can crack…General hydration is also very important so be certain to drink plenty of water.”

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If you've ever wondered, enviously, how celebrity and fashion-tribe women manage to strut red carpets for hours in sky-high stilettos, here's one possible secret: collagen injections in the balls or heels of their feet.

Yes, the shoe-obsessed are padding their padding to continue their footwear obsession. Collagen or hyaluronic acid (brand name Restylane) can plump up feet the way it plumps up faces.

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