I went to visit Dr. Levine after being recommended by my parents who both go to her frequently and absolutely love her. Once I entered the office I knew I was going to have a great experience. The receptionist greeted me with a friendly hello and had me fill out some some forms via iPad (up on their tech). Within 5 minutes I was walked into my doctor room BY DOCTOR LEVINE! Unheard of. Usually you wait in the waiting room and then again in the treatment room. Once in the room she spoke to me in a way that made me feel immediately comfortable and relaxed. The visit was a home run. She explained exactly what was going on and began treating me right there in the office. I would recommend her to anyone with foot and/or ankle issues.
— Heather B. - New York, NY - 3/9/2019

Very personable service. Immediately knew what type of issue I had and started an effective treatment. I’m so glad I met her.
— Cheryl Dixon - New York, NY - 1/30/2019

I have had an exceptionally positive experience with Dr. Levine and her entire staff. Everyone in the office is so friendly and caring and literally only a text away! Each of them have been so responsive to any questions I have had. Regarding my surgery, I had a bunionectomy- I was in and out and have experienced no pain. I had surgery on a Thursday and was walking by Monday!
— Anonymous - New York, NY - 2/5/2018

Dr. Suzanne Levine is a very vibrant and knowledgeable provider. She is a great listener and was able to help me understand choices I could make to resolve my issue. We proceeded with her recommendation to help my pain and I am so satisfied with the results! Her staff is personable and professional. The office has nice decor and very clean. I never waited more than 5 minutes for an appointment and their phone edicate is friendly. Excellent all around!!
— Shawn - New York, NY - 2/2/2018

Both Dr. Levine and her staff are professional, personable and caring individuals. I recently had corrective surgery, and ingrown nails removed. She did a great job of correcting a previous surgery on my left foot, and I am very pleased with the results. I highly recommend her.
— Nancy - New York, NY - 1/23/2018

I cannot recommend Dr. Levine and her team enough. Besides being welcoming, attentive and friendly, they are skilled professionals. I had surgery to remove a bone spur that was causing pain and limited range of motion in my big toe for years. I was in and out of Dr. Levine’s office that same day, with minimal discomfort and a post-op shoe that I could walk around in. Two weeks later I was in a sneaker with no pain. If you are on the fence about having foot surgery, go see Dr. Levine.
— ZA - New York, NY - 1/23/2018

Dr. Suzanne M. Levine, and her Staff at Institute Beaute have changed my life forever. After 3 Bunion Surgeries on my right foot that were performed incorrectly, painful, and left me with walking problems, unable to find shoes, and miserable for 37 years, I have been blessed with the knowledge, experience, and professionalism that Dr. Levine and her Staff have done to change my life. After a painless, exceptionally perfect surgery, I am able to see my foot normal and straight for the first time.
— Nancy Vargas - Union City, NJ - 1/11/2018

I just love Dr. Levine and her staff. They are professional and caring from the receptionist to the surgeons - they are all great not to mention my feet look absolutely FABULOUS. Always available when you need them; they answer any questions you have making you feel safe and secure. So if you’re looking for the best foot doctor in town you can stop looking cause you’ve found her with Dr. Levine. Come on in and meet her for yourself - you’ll be soooo happy you did. She’s #1 in my book.
— Sande Ubiol - Bronx, NY - 1/19/2018

My name is Melissa Torres and I’ve been seeing Dr. Levine all summer in an effort to have what I consider a major foot surgery. I had the surgery two weeks ago and I can already see that it will be life-changing. I’ve had trauma to the right foot 16 years ago and four surgeries later, I can see that this is it; this is the surgery that will fix me! I am excited to see how the Cartiva implant will enable me to walk normal again and wear heels. So excited. Thank you so much, Dr. Levine xoxo
— Melissa Torres - Brooklyn, NY - 11/17/2017

I go to Dr. Levine’s to receive the treatment I cannot get in San Francisco. Without the foot, injections to rebuild collagen in my feet. If I had not found her, I would not be walking today. She is extremely well qualified and does not recommend procedures you do not need. I highly recommend her.
— Coco Pante - San Francisco, CA - 11/5/2017

Dr. Suzanne Levine is the go to foot guru! I originally went to Dr. Suzanne Levine several years ago based on recommendations from friends. I only chose doctors through friends referrals based on their own experiences and I’m happy I did. I went in for severe pain. Not only did Dr. Levine correct my toe issues through surgery she also greatly improved the appearance of my feet! She had done a chemical peel to remove my stubborn calluses, corns, lasered my toe nails to get rid of my nail fungus, and prescribed medication for warts I didn’t even know I had! Today I am proud to wear my thong sandals and show off Dr. Levine’s work. My feet look better than what I was naturally born with and I get sooo many compliments. I also use all of her foot products for maintenance!!!
— Anonymous - New York, NY - 07/28/2016