What Are Toe Corns and Feet Calluses?

corns-calluses-removal-NYC A corn is skin that has become hard and thick and can occur on the top, between, or on the tip of the toes. A callus is also skin that has become hard and thick but mainly occurs under the ball of the foot, heel, or on the bottom of the great toe. Corns and calluses develop due to reactions of the skin increasing pressures which are being placed on those specific locations of your foot. Once these corns or calluses become too thick they place pressure on the underlying structures of the foot and become inflamed and painfulf. Best results for removing toe corns and foot calluses have been performed by our podiatrists in Institute Beaute located in NYC.


Shoes can produce corns by rubbing the top of the toes or foot. Wearing uncomfortable shoes may continue the irritation causing discomfort. People with bunions may find corns and calluses to be painful.


Corns will not disappear without any treatment. Unless the areas causing the corns are removed, they will continue to become thicker and more painful with time. When corns get hard enough to cause pain, a podiatrist will recommend the treatment option most appropriate for you. It is important to avoid trying to remove a toe corn at home or using medicated corn pads, as serious infection may occur.

Many successful calluses and corns have been shaved off with a scalpel. More extensive surgery may be needed to correct foot deformities that cause extremely painful or debilitating corns.

Removal of corns is typically performed during an office visit. During the procedure, the corn is trimmed by shaving the dead layers of skin off with a scalpel. During your visit, Dr. Levine will determine if there are any foot deformities that might cause corns to continue developing.


If you are in need of surgical corn removal, Dr. Suzanne Levine and her staff at Institute Beaute located in NYC can help with your treatment. Dr. Levine’s foot surgery clinic offers patients some of the best options for toe corn and calluses removal the Park Avenue has to offer. After your treatment, you will be able to wear your favorite footwear again without any problems.

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