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Sit back and relax during your lunch hour while the gentle hum of the Silk Peel™ machine gently peels away the years. The minutes pass quickly, and as you doze, pure white crystals gently remove old, dead, dry skin, and discolorations vanish. Slowly but surely, a fresher and rejuvenated you emerges like a butterfly from a cocoon.

Timeless Beauty with the Silk Peel™ — an Advanced Skin Treatment

Silk Peel™ is one of the latest and most revolutionary treatments for skin improvement in the United States today. Long used at exclusive European spas, it is now being offered at Institute Beauté. This treatment has the ability to safely, effectively, and painlessly reduce the appearance of fine lines, tired-looking skin, age spots, sun damage or discoloration, crow’s feet, acne scars and fine wrinkles.

As early as the first treatment, you will be able to see and to feel a significant improvement in your skin. With each subsequent treatment, your self-esteem will grow with the compliments and admiring glances you’ll receive.

A Fresher and Younger Appearance
The Dermapeel™ consists of special pure white micro-crystals that are propelled into the skin at various speed and intensity settings in order to achieve the most effective results for each patient. A gentle vacuum simultaneously removes the crystals along with the superficial layer of dead skin, along with the years. The result is a soft glow and an enhanced natural appearance. Unlike other treatments, Silk Peel™ can be used to treat all skin types, colors, and nearly all conditions. It will eventually become the leading non-surgical skin treatment in the United States, but it’s available right now at Institute Beauté.

Silk Peel™ for Feet
As one of New York’s leading podiatrists, Dr. Suzanne Levine’s professional life has been dedicated to the restoration of attractive and healthy feet. Silk Peel™ has proven to be a valuable tool in achieving this effort. It can remove calluses and heal fissures in addition to improving the appearance of the aging foot.

When used in conjunction with Head to Toe Beauty™ products, Silk Peel™ treatments expand to include the entire body’s surface, from head to toe.

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